Recacril Awning Fabrics

37 With 37 plain and 68 striped colour schemes to choose from, Recacril brings style to your corporate, home and industrial projects. Generally used as awnings and umbrella fabrics, Recacril’s yarns are made from Dolan brand fibres (100% fibre dyed) and their fabrics are manufactured using modern technology to ensure a long life for products used in the correct conditions.


Fabric Makeup
Weaving 100 % Fibre-Dyed Acrylic Yarn
Covering Fluorocarbon Resin
Standard Ball Length 60 m
Ball Widths 120 – 150 cm
Fabric Weight 305 gr/m²
Limited Guarantee Period 5 years
Features Test Result
UV Resistance 1.500 + hours
Friction 40.000 abrasions
Hydrostatics 40 cm
Puncture Resistance 17 kg
Weft     —  Warp
Tear Resistance 6,6 kg       4,4 kg
Tensile Strength 166 kg       71 kg
Shrinkage % 0,1        % 0
Stretching % 0           % 0

Sioen Awning Fabrics

tente-kumaslari-sioenThe Sioen blockout fabric dimming system insulates against light, noise and heat when closed. Formed of end plates, it features fire retardation, water resistance and light filtering. It is guaranteed against discolouring and tearing. The weight of the PVC-based fabric is 850gr / m2. The fabric is produced in cream, white and grey as standard. It varies as plain or three-colour designs. Guaranteed for 5 years. A product originating in Belgium, it is produced to European standards at an integrated facility.

Weight 850g/m² DIN EN ISO 2286/2 1998
Charactaristics ABUV / SOP
Varnish 1/1
Surface Reflective
Tensile Strength
Warp 2500 N/5cm EN ISO 1421/1 1998
Weft 2300 N/5cm EN ISO 1421/1 1998
Tear Resistence
Warp 250 N DIN 53363 2003
Weft 250 N DIN 53363 2003
Adhesion 100N/5cm EN ISO 2411 2000
Heat Resistance -30/+70°C DIN EN 1876/2 1998
Light Sensitivity 7-8 ISO 105 B02 1988
Fire Resistance M2 NF P 92 507 2004