UMB-11-BB MEGA Beach parasol produced for garden,beach,advertisement and 230 cm in diameter with l O wires. AII plastic Parts in the frame 2 year warranty against Brekage,used in Produktion row Materials same as all over the World,which are manufactured from ABS and POLYAMID PA6 Prime. Wire tickness is 4.5 mm. made from high quality carbon steel. Opening and Closing System can be used easily.put up button and press it to open your Parasol and for closing press a button to get rid of the Adapter to close it then Parasol closes itself slowly. The Wind can be evacuated by air window in the top of the Parasol. You can use safety your Parasoı in the windy Weather. 250 gr Olefin, (5 year warranty) and 160 gr acyrlic waterproof polyester Fabric protect you from the Sun for years.