UMB-11-AA; pecially designed by OD S like square or round Parasol with 8 Ribs to use in the Garden,Cafes and Restaurants. AII plastic Parts in the Frame 2 year warranty against Brekage,used in Produktion row Materials same as all over the World which are manufactured from ABS and POLYAMID PA6 Prime. High quality aluminum hubs; Sun pole equipped with an especially designed,solid aluminum hub in frame color. Stainless steel cable and winch system; Open and close freely with an easy turn of the stainless steeı crank handle. Safe and Secure ;the auto ıocking winch holds the stainless cable at every position. The Frame is wood-like. The Wind can be evacuated by air window in the top of the Parasol and İt has a dual roof. You can use safety your Parasol in the windy Weather.