Photocell Door

  • The door wing weight for one wing is 150kg – For double wing each is 120kg.
  • The door width for one wing is 700/1300 mm – For double wing is 600/1250mm
  • The motor is a DC24V brushless motor.
  • Opening speed is 55 – 99 cm/s (adjustable).
  • Opening time is 1-10 seconds (adjustable).
  • Hand pulling is below 39N – For double wing is below 42N
  • AC 175 – 246V -80/Hz
  • DC 24V over 3.5 amp
  • DC output 24V 1A – 12V 0.1A

Photocell Door Chassis: Due to the special holding arms of the specially made chassis, there are usage advantages for mounting and adjusting the door.

Photocell Door Operator:  Digital operator features specially added +3 Function with capacity for 8 different program options.

Photocell Door Motor: Silent and frictionless motor creates no magnetic field and features capacity for regular opening and closing in long term use without oil leaking and power loss.

Photocell Door Pulley: Twin pulley system is powered against abrasion.

Photocell Door Guarantee: 2-year production guarantee (10 year part provision guarantee).

The mechanism is produced entirely by a single company. The producing company owns ISO 9001 and CE Quality System Standards certification.

The Photocell Door electronic system is protected inside a closed box.

The Photocell Door includes a security photocell system which prevents people and objects outside the radar detection area being struck by the door. In the event that a person or object is standing between the door, this system will prevent the door closing and will remain offline when the door is completely closed.

When required, the Photocell Door can be controlled as preferred using a supplementary button, key contact switch, console command switch, ground contact welcome mat, card reader or passcode device, or hygienic hand proxy.